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Join the Save NY Call Center Jobs Coalition

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There are over 260,000 call center jobs in NYS. Over the past decade, NYS has lost almost 40,0000 good paying call center jobs. Call center work is particularly easy to move and while overall the job category is growing in the US, offshore call center jobs at US companies are growing at a much higher rate. Offshoring hurts communities and suppresses wages. NYS communities depend on these jobs and that's why we're fighting to save NYS call center jobs.

The "New York State Call Center Jobs Act" (A567A/S1826A) would make companies of over 50 employees that move 30% of their call center work out of the state or to a foreign country ineligible for any taxpayer support in the form of subsidies, tax breaks, grants, loan, etc. The bill also requires all NYS agency call center work to be done in New York.

Please join our coalition!