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Syracuse Call Center Latest Victim of AT&T Job Cuts and Call Center Closings

Communications Workers of America

On Tuesday, AT&T confirmed it is closing a 150-employee call center in Syracuse, New York. The company told workers, many of whom have been with AT&T for more than twenty years, they could move to Orange Park, Florida to stay employed. These are the latest job cuts from AT&T after it announced a round of layoffs including call center closures in Indianapolis (Ind.), Kalamazoo (Mich.) and Appleton (Wis.) in December and has cut 10,700 jobs since the tax bill passed.

"AT&T should have to explain why it's rolling out closure after closure, and upending lives of workers who've given the company so much," said CWA Telecommunications and Technologies Vice President Lisa Bolton. "To be out in front of the tax bill making promises about jobs and then pushing workers to relocate over 1,000 miles away—there is simply no excuse. AT&T is profitable, there's an abundance of work to do in the company and no good reason why these jobs need to be moved out Syracuse."